Bridges, and First Caribbean International Bank.

We have had a long historical relationship with First Caribbean Bank. The relationship spans almost three decades and the Bridges Team believes that it has made a significant contribution to the bank’s local success and positive image.

The Bridges team played an integral part in assisting the bank during a number of crucial periods of transition and likely crisis. It was during the merger/amalgamation with Barclay’s Bank in the region that Bridges was called upon to help staff with the apprehension, fears and confusion associated with entering into the uncharted territory of the transition and adjusting to the new reality of the aftermath. Bridges was asked to assist locally and throughout the Caribbean at all levels within the Bank.  At other times Bridges assisted the bank in managing situations that could have had enormous negative impact to its corporate image locally, managing the trauma effects of a mass casualty incident which took place on June 1st 2018.

the BRIDGES Employee Assistance Program (EAP) continues to provide services that are designed to fit the needs of First Caribbean (Bahamas) Ltd. as an organization, at employee and executive management levels. Our full-service programme is dedicated to serve FCIB with a dedicated team of professionals who ensure that the right programme of assistance for staff and managers is in place to address human problems, complementing rather than duplicating the role of the professionals in the Human Resource department.

These services include counseling, work/life resources, career development and coaching resources, organizational development and more. Employees can access this program for substance abuse issues, stress, grief, family/marital counseling and more. BRIDGES’ services are a benefit provided by the employer, services remains confidential and private.

The spectrum of services are designed to address the needs of employees and the organization alike BRIDGES offers organizational training to improve work place relations and de-escalate rising problematic issues. Our team of counselors will work with management to help create an improved workplace environment. Our team members are also trained in helping workplaces deal with traumatic or violent work related events and have guided the company through a number of significant transitional events

The goal of our services is to provide FCIB staff with the tools and resources that they need to improve their workplace functioning, workplace relationships, mental health and address balance their work/life. This will ultimately benefit the employer by creating a workforce with increased productivity, improved retention rates and “happier” or more satisfied employees.

BRIDGES’ Services can be adapted to address the changing needs of the workplace. Some Branches or Units might need to offer more counseling options to their team members or staff, while other units might need to provide additional training during leadership changes, etc.